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Apparently, 4U online will be playeable between americans and europeans too. Looking foward to hunt with all of you! (love from LA)


Yes, it’s true! Yuri posted on Capcom Unity about the boxart along with the announcement: 

"I’m proud to confirm that multiplayer in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will work amongst both North American and European versions, online AND locally!

So whether you have friends on the other side of the pond or you’re traveling abroad, you can still join your fellow hunter and take on majestic beasts!”

We look forward to hunting with everyone!

- Amatsu


Quest: Search at Raven Point

Please go to my DA submission and download to see it’s full size in good quality!! ALso there’s a link included there with a HUD-less version!!

One idea and four days later, and I’ve finished what is probably the most completed and detailed image I’ve ever done to date. 

HTTYD/Monster Hunter crossover! I’ve been playing MH3U a fair bit lately, and it got me thinking. 

While I was working on the lineart and trying to make Toothless MonsterHunter-y enough, I decided to try a new approach at coloring. While it was really difficult and time-consuming, I’m very proud of it!! EVERYTHING is hand-drawn, including the HUD. Ok, the fish isn’t, because I lucked out and found a transparent vector. But everything else I drew myself!!

If I get good feedback and proper motivation, I might do more of these and make a small series! I hope you enjoy this artwork as much I enjoyed working on it!!

This is awesome!

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