Trainer: "So, Rolldbug. You’ve covered yourself in a bunch of poo. Feel good now?"

Boulldbug: "AWW YISSSS"

Rolldbug (rold-bug):
It will contain its food inside its ball made of feces and dirt. It can ride its ball to cross dangerous terrain.

Boulldbug (bold-bug):
It utilizes its gathered grime and merges with it, becoming a more powerful Pokemon. Underneath that ball is an ordinary Rolldbug.

Rolldbug evolves into Boulldbug after travelling over 15,000 steps and holding Stinky Poo.

Both have a 20% chance of holding Stinky Poo (-75% Wild encounter rate and increases Rolldbug’s and Boulldbug’s Attack when held) when found in the wild.

Ability: Earth Might (Ground moves except Fissure, Earthquake, and Magnitude can hit Flying-type Pokemon) / Diligent (20% chance to not consume PP)

Best Stats: Attack, Defense.
Common Attacks: Rollout, Bulldoze, Mud Bomb, Earthquake, Bug Bite, U-Turn, Steamroller, Bounce, Defense Curl, Rock Polish

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